September 30, 2020

New Mental Health & Well-Being Training from Get Inclusive – New For 2021

Get Inclusive, in partnership with The Jed Foundation, announced today the launch of three Student Mental Health & Well-Being training courses for Undergraduates, Graduates and Student-Athletes.

Watch Full Course Trailer


For a comprehensive summary of the new course, please download our course brochure here.

Course Features:

    • Versions: Undergrad, Graduates, and Student Athletes
    • Duration: ~30 Minutes
    • Customizations: Branding, Quizzes, Custom Videos/Text Upload
    • Accessible/Mobile Responsive: Yes
    • Pricing: Included in Student Site License
    • SCORM Compatible: Yes


Course Launch Event (Recording)

Created by Dr. Carmen Poole and Jeremy Beckman, with contributions from The Jed Foundation and Texas Tech University, the new courses are available for demo starting today.

You can request a demo here

"Our new mental health and well-being courses are as timely as they are important," said Ali Waqar, CEO at Get Inclusive. "Mental health has never been more critical than it is today. Our goal and commitment is to reach 10 million students with these courses over the next 2 years."


The courses will be included at no-cost to over 100 colleges and universities that already have a Student License with Get Inclusive. For others, the courses will be offered for a reasonable flat-fee subscription price, with additional discounts for community colleges and any institutions experiencing financial hardship resulting from COVID-19. 


Texas Tech University Will Be the First to Launch

Dr. Amanda Wheeler, the Assistant Director of Outreach at the Student Counseling Center at Texas Tech University (TTU), also contributed to the development of these new courses. TTU will be the first institution to launch the new courses in 2020. 

“This course is a wonderful addition to college and university programming. I love that it gives simple tips and tricks to talk about mental health,” said Dr. Wheeler. “Most of all, though, I really love how it destigmatizes asking for help for mental health concerns! Mental health is just a part of being human, and we all struggle in some form or fashion with mental health at some point in our lives.”

To learn more about these new courses, please request a demo through the link below. Courses can be ready for deployment within 5-business days.

Request a demo of Get Inclusive’s new Mental Health & Well-Being training courses.



August 7, 2020

Get Inclusive Course and Platform Updates: August, 2020 – Video

Get Inclusive is announcing three (3) significant upgrades to our Courses and Platform designed to address new challenges and expectations from our Higher Ed partner community. Keep reading for full details.

If you would like a demo of any of these upgrades, please email us to

Get Inclusive to Launch New Mental Health Course

Watch this short and powerful sample from our new course (available for implementation September, 2020).

Download the outline of Get Inclusive's new Mental Health course. 

The biggest problem with mental illness isn’t mental illness. It’s is how we’ve learned to think about it. Fear, stigma, and shame are obstacles to help-seeking behavior. Fear, stigma, and shame are the legacy and symptoms of the silence, marginalization, and confusion about mental illness and the millions who live with them. By developing and reframing a better understanding about how we’ve come to think about mental illness, this learning experience prepares students to 1) take a proactive approach to mental health by noticing and acknowledging unhealthy habits and behaviors 2) ask for help when they need it, and 3) offer support and assistance to their peers whenever necessary.

Request a sneak peek demo of Get Inclusive's new Mental Health training course.

30 Campuses Adopt Get Inclusive's New COVID-19 Student and Employee Training 

Last month Get Inclusive announced the launch of our new COVID-19 student and employee training modules. We've now successfully implemented with over 30 campuses across the country. To learn more, request a demo here.

Watch this short sample from our new course:

  • Our COVID-19 online training modules are built to deliver students and employees up-to-date safety information and precautions, including hygiene, social distancing, and measures aimed at reducing disease transmission.
  • Our learning experience consists of a 10-12 minute interactive training experience that includes instructional videos & motion graphics, infographics, and scenario-based interactions.
  • The COVID-19 training modules can be heavily customized to meet both brand and content specific requirements of your institutions.
  • Institutional policies can be incorporated into the training and policy acknowledgment tracking is enabled.
  • Multiple policies can also be enabled where different campus populations have different policy requirements and risk profiles.
  • At the completion of the training, you and your learners will receive a certificate of completion and a copy of the policy acknowledgment.

COVID-19 Student and Employee Training


To learn more about our new COVID-19 training modules, please request a demo. Both modules can be ready for deployment within 5-business days.

Request a demo of Get Inclusive’s new COVID-19 training.

Get Inclusive Launches Private Label Integrations to Improve Learner Experience, Increase Participation

It's more important than ever to create online learning experiences that reflect your institution's unique brand, learning objectives and policies. It's also more important than ever that these learning experiences reach your students and employees as efficiently as possible.

With that in mind, Get Inclusive is launching a new Private Label Integration to create a fully customized and integrated learning experience for all of your prevention and compliance training courses.

Key Features and Benefits: 

  • Enhanced Email integration ensures all course assignments are delivered from your .EDU domain, and not from a third-party domain (e.g. Our partner institutions have experienced a 2X increase on average in first-week completion rates with this new feature.
  • Deep Branding on all course and UX elements. It's time to move beyond basic branding. With Deep Branding your students and employees see your institution (not Get Inclusive) in the training. This includes:
    • Branded Content for Learners
    • Branded User Interface, Menu-bar, Buttons
    • Custom Videos in modules, e.g. Intro video
    • Branded Interactive Elements Infographics
    • Brand Representations, e.g., Campus Photos.
    • Branded Completion Certificates
    • Branded Dashboard for Learners and Admins

To learn more about how to upgrade to Private Label, please request a demo. 


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