July 28, 2021

What’s New from Get Inclusive

Thanks to recommendations from our great college and university partners, Get Inclusive has added several important platform and content improvements to meet your needs in 2021. 

For more information on how to take advantage of these new features, please send an email to hello@getinclusive.com or request a demo (getinclusive.com/demo).

Course Deliverability

One of the most important elements of an effective prevention and compliance training program is deliverability. How effectively courses reach learners can dramatically impact time to completion and overall completion rates. The following new improvements were designed to improve course deliverability for your students and employees. 

SMS Engage: We now offer text-based course assignments and reminders— all configurable from within the Get Inclusive LMS. For pricing and demo, click here.

Supervisor Escalation Emails: For employee course assignments, we now offer Supervisor Escalation Emails from within the Get Inclusive LMS. Supervisors can quickly identify and remind employees who are behind on compliance training requirements including a "supervisor digest" report to be sent to the identified managers.

Enhanced Email: You can now send course assignments directly from your .edu domain through the Get Inclusive LMS. Customers upgrading to this new feature have seen a 2x improvement in time to completion. 

Rolling Due Date Notifications: Create rolling deadlines for new employees and students. The due date is automatically applied based on the initial assignment date. This feature is designed for transfer students that are off-cycle on Title IX training or new employees who need to be placed on an annual training cycle. 

Realtime Holds Removal via Webhooks: For institutions leveraging “Registration Holds” to drive course participation, Real Time Holds Removal ensures that holds are removed the moment required courses are completed. For pricing and demo, click here. 

Bundled Course Assignments: For institutions assigning multiple courses to students or employees, Bundled Course Assignments and Reminders streamlines the course assignment process and reduces to one total email sent. 

Admin Portal

Cohort Level Reporting:: This new advanced reporting feature allows your admins to design and schedule reports based on multiple student and employee cohorts. For pricing and demo, click here.

Customer Support and Product Teams

The Get Inclusive team is growing quickly to meet the demand for our products. Here are a few of the newest team members dedicated to serving our college and university partners: 

Serena Tang, Art Director: world-class learning experience for students and employees across hundreds of colleges and universities is no small task. Serena supports our product team in creating innovative and configurable learning experiences for our expanding library of courses.

Danika Collins, Implementations Manager:After several years with LawRoom and EVERFI, Danika brings a unique expertise to onboarding large and complex institutions. Danika also oversees EVERFI/Vector Migration Mapping.

Sandra Bledsoe, Marketing Operations Manager: Sandra oversees customer communications and ensures the latest updates and announcements reach your inbox.

Dr. Kate Chisholm, Director of Research and Impact: Get Inclusive has delivered training to over 1M learners. Dr. Chisholm is designing the Impact Stories to give our college and university partners visibility into how prevention and compliance programs are affecting your students and employees.

EVERFI + Vector Migration Mapping

Now more than ever, Get Inclusive is helping EVERFI and Vector customers switch over to Get Inclusive. The most common question we’re asked prior to switching is how Get Inclusive can ensure data continuity and compliance. EVERFI Migration Mapping is a step-by-step workflow designed to ensure all existing data is successfully migrated. To learn more about Migration Mapping, request a demo here (getinclusive.com/demo)

Branding and Customizations

Private Label: Get Inclusive has always offered a number of standard customizations within our training courses to both ensure compliance and personalize the learning experience. We’re taking this to another level with Private Label which gives colleges and universities the ability to implement deep color palette branding across select courses. For pricing and demo, click here. 

SCORM Hosting: The Get Inclusive LMS now enables institutions to upload and assign their own SCORM developed courses. For pricing and demo, click here. 

Coming Soon! 

  • Employee DE&I 4 Course Training Package (August, 2021)
  • Shareable/Public Title IX Training Course Access/DOE Compliant (September, 2021)
  • AOD Expanded Student Course and Assessments (December, 2021)
  • Annual Impact Reporting Executive Dashboard (October, 2021)
  • Policy Tracker (January, 2022)
  • Integrated Anonymous Reporting (March, 2022)

To learn more or to join the Beta for these new products and features, send an email to beta@getinclusive.com


February 12, 2021

Webinar: Upgrading Your Compliance and Prevention Training with Get Inclusive

Webinar Presentation Slides>>

If you would like assistance in gaining access to any products listed within this webinar, please send us an email to hello@getinclusive.com.

Get Inclusive powers the online compliance and prevention training programs for over 200 colleges and universities.

This webinar is designed for existing AND prospective partners who are interested in learning more about the new products and innovations available to you from Get Inclusive.

Join our Product and Leadership teams as we explore the following topics (and answer your questions):

-Our latest student and employee training courses,

-Major platform improvements,

-New custom features and integrations,

-EVERFI/Vector data migration mapping;

-New partners and team members;

-Current 2021 product roadmap;

-Promotions and Beta opportunities for new and existing partners.

Additional Background:

Get Inclusive delivers online compliance and prevention training courses to over 200 colleges and universities. These include large systems, state institutions, small privates and community colleges.

We build courses designed to meet and exceed state, federal, NCAA and other training mandates.

We build courses for student, faculty and staff populations. We also deliver population specific versions for community colleges, grad students, student athletes, and religious institutions.

We cover primary and on-going training topics including mental health, sexual assault prevention, DE&I, anti-harassment, AOD, ADA, FERPA, and others.

Get Inclusive products can be broken into six primary categories:

  • Instructional Design and Research: The courses we build, how we build them, and the end user experience.
  • Compliance: The mandates we address, and how we monitor and adapt to new mandates.
  • Delivery: How we enable the efficient delivery and completion of online training courses across both student and employee populations.
  • Configuration: How we enable the personalization of courses and platform to meet the unique needs of our partners.
  • Integration: How we connect our courses and technology to your existing systems to increase participation, decrease support tickets, and improve outcomes.
  • Data and Impact: How we capture data and deliver insights to help improve outcomes.


July 1, 2020

Webinar: COVID-19 Back to Campus Training Strategies


On Tuesday, June 30th, at 2PM ET, we hosted a Webinar and Live Q&A to discuss challenges and solutions surrounding back-to-campus COVID-19 training. We also heard insights from Nathan Harlan, Executive Director of Student Wellness at West Virginia University.

Topics discussed during the webinar include:
-Key considerations in developing a COVID-19 training plan
-How to fast-track training implementation
-General learning objectives
-Audience specific learning objectives
-Policy acknowledgement tracking
-Communication strategies

Ready for a demo of Get Inclusive's new COVID-19 Back-to-Campus training? Click here.

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