“There is a profound change in environment for CCCI due to globalization and diversity. We must see this change as opportunity to improve quality.”

— Molly Gavin - CEO, Connecticut Community Care

Improve your Care Management Skills

Having Privilege and Being an Ally

Privilege likes to hide in plain sight. Learn the role it plays in our lives. Gain an understanding of oppression and how to stand up and say/do something when you witness it.

Topics include:

  1. Do I have privilege that gives me power?

  2. Oppression

  3. How can I be an Ally?

What are my Biases?

Explore the foundations of identity and how it leads to human differences. Do you have any hidden biases? You may be in for a surprise!

Topics include:

  1. Who am I?

  2. How Can We Talk About Our Differences

  3. Bias and Implicit Bias

Media Literacy and How to Talk about Disability

Develop a more critical eye towards the media’s role in promoting Ageism. Then refine your skills on how to talk about disability.

Topics include:

  1. Ageism in the Media

  2. Talking about Disability

Learning Objectives

  1. Examine your own identity and the identities of other people in terms of race, age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, language, religion, country of origin and other chosen markers.

  2. Begin to learn the appropriate language for talking about these differences in a respectful and inclusive manner.

  3. Gain a deeper understanding of oppression and how subordinate groups are oppressed by dominant groups.

  4. Become aware of biases that you may not have realized you had, and consider strategies to become more aware of how these biases impact your day-to-day interactions.

  5. Observe media’s role in promoting biases, specifically ageism.

  6. Consider how different aspects of a person’s identity can provide varying degrees of advantage depending on the circumstances of a given location, interaction or situation.

  7. Be able to define privilege and examine the role privilege has played in your own life.



Diversity is reshaping every aspect of the healthcare industry. Improve your ability to work with diverse families successfully.


Conveniently go through the course at your own pace, using any Internet connected device. You can continue where you left off.


Self-reflect to deepen awareness of your biases while strengthening skills to be an ally to people in your care.