Do you have questions about how to approach diversity, equity & inclusion training in light of the new Executive Order?

Watch this 60-minute on-demand presentation and Q&A as we do a deep dive into Executive Order 13950, recent guidance from OFCCP and recommendations on how to approach DE&I training should the EO hold *and* in the case that it's repealed.

Featured Experts: 

-Dawn Siler-Nixon, Partner, FordHarrison

-Dr. Carmen Poole, Director of Content, Get Inclusive

Webinar Agenda: 

-Overview of Executive Order 

-Recent Updates: What Have We Learned?

-Implications and Risks for Higher Ed Institutions 

-Live Q&A

-How Will Get Inclusive's New DE&I Course Address Executive Order?

-Get Inclusive Announces DE&I Training Beta Program

Webinar Resources: 

Slides presented by Dawn Siler-Nixon on Executive Order summary. Click here

Slides presented by Dr. Carmen Poole on Get Inclusive’s approach to DE&I training. Click here

Executive Order 1395. Click here

Executive Order FAQ published by OFCCP. Click here

Trump's Diversity Training Ban Draws NAACP Legal Challenge. Click here.

Presenter Contact: 

Dawn Siles-Nixon, Diversity & Inclusion Partner, FordHarrison


Phone: (813) 261-7834

Webinar Transcript: To be uploaded soon…. 

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