February 12, 2021

Webinar: Upgrading Your Compliance and Prevention Training with Get Inclusive

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If you would like assistance in gaining access to any products listed within this webinar, please send us an email to hello@getinclusive.com.

Get Inclusive powers the online compliance and prevention training programs for over 200 colleges and universities.

This webinar is designed for existing AND prospective partners who are interested in learning more about the new products and innovations available to you from Get Inclusive.

Join our Product and Leadership teams as we explore the following topics (and answer your questions):

-Our latest student and employee training courses,

-Major platform improvements,

-New custom features and integrations,

-EVERFI/Vector data migration mapping;

-New partners and team members;

-Current 2021 product roadmap;

-Promotions and Beta opportunities for new and existing partners.

Additional Background:

Get Inclusive delivers online compliance and prevention training courses to over 200 colleges and universities. These include large systems, state institutions, small privates and community colleges.

We build courses designed to meet and exceed state, federal, NCAA and other training mandates.

We build courses for student, faculty and staff populations. We also deliver population specific versions for community colleges, grad students, student athletes, and religious institutions.

We cover primary and on-going training topics including mental health, sexual assault prevention, DE&I, anti-harassment, AOD, ADA, FERPA, and others.

Get Inclusive products can be broken into six primary categories:

  • Instructional Design and Research: The courses we build, how we build them, and the end user experience.
  • Compliance: The mandates we address, and how we monitor and adapt to new mandates.
  • Delivery: How we enable the efficient delivery and completion of online training courses across both student and employee populations.
  • Configuration: How we enable the personalization of courses and platform to meet the unique needs of our partners.
  • Integration: How we connect our courses and technology to your existing systems to increase participation, decrease support tickets, and improve outcomes.
  • Data and Impact: How we capture data and deliver insights to help improve outcomes.


September 30, 2020

New Mental Health & Well-Being Training from Get Inclusive – New For 2021

Get Inclusive, in partnership with The Jed Foundation, announced today the launch of three Student Mental Health & Well-Being training courses for Undergraduates, Graduates and Student-Athletes.

Watch Full Course Trailer


For a comprehensive summary of the new course, please download our course brochure here.

Course Features:

    • Versions: Undergrad, Graduates, and Student Athletes
    • Duration: ~30 Minutes
    • Customizations: Branding, Quizzes, Custom Videos/Text Upload
    • Accessible/Mobile Responsive: Yes
    • Pricing: Included in Student Site License
    • SCORM Compatible: Yes


Course Launch Event (Recording)

Created by Dr. Carmen Poole and Jeremy Beckman, with contributions from The Jed Foundation and Texas Tech University, the new courses are available for demo starting today.

You can request a demo here

"Our new mental health and well-being courses are as timely as they are important," said Ali Waqar, CEO at Get Inclusive. "Mental health has never been more critical than it is today. Our goal and commitment is to reach 10 million students with these courses over the next 2 years."


The courses will be included at no-cost to over 100 colleges and universities that already have a Student License with Get Inclusive. For others, the courses will be offered for a reasonable flat-fee subscription price, with additional discounts for community colleges and any institutions experiencing financial hardship resulting from COVID-19. 


Texas Tech University Will Be the First to Launch

Dr. Amanda Wheeler, the Assistant Director of Outreach at the Student Counseling Center at Texas Tech University (TTU), also contributed to the development of these new courses. TTU will be the first institution to launch the new courses in 2020. 

“This course is a wonderful addition to college and university programming. I love that it gives simple tips and tricks to talk about mental health,” said Dr. Wheeler. “Most of all, though, I really love how it destigmatizes asking for help for mental health concerns! Mental health is just a part of being human, and we all struggle in some form or fashion with mental health at some point in our lives.”

To learn more about these new courses, please request a demo through the link below. Courses can be ready for deployment within 5-business days.

Request a demo of Get Inclusive’s new Mental Health & Well-Being training courses.



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