April 14, 2020

Get Inclusive Launches Online Student Orientation Package

Over the past few weeks a number of our campus partners have asked if Get Inclusive’s student learning platform could support online orientation.

The short answer: Absolutely yes. 

As an online Title IX training vendor, our platform is well equipped to support your incoming student orientation program— regardless of population size. We have successfully implemented our learning platform to over 100 campuses and deployed online pre-orientation training to over 1 million students.

If you’re interested in discussing our Online Student Orientation Package, please email us at hello@getinclusive.com

The following is a detailed FAQ intended to answer common questions about Get Inclusive’s new Online Student Orientation Package

Q: What does the Online Student Orientation Package include?

A: It includes the basic tools and functionality you need to upload your virtual orientation program, assign it to your incoming student population, auto-remind students who haven’t completed it, and run completion reports. Request a live demo at hello@getinclusive.com

Q: What if we want to host orientation live— can you help?

A: Perhaps. Zoom and other streaming services will be your best option for a live event. If you’d like to use an on-demand option for those who can’t attend live, Get Inclusive can serve that role. That said, we recommend weighing the upside and downside of each option. Live is great if you plan to facilitate group discussions or activities. If not, achieving 100% attendance for a live event may be an unnecessary stress on your orientation team. 

Q: How does your pricing work?

A: Our Online Student Orientation Package comes included with our Student Site License. A one-time set-up and implementation fee of $2,000 will apply to cover our support and engineering costs. For new Get Inclusive partners, you can enable the Student Orientation Package for an annual fee of $5,000, plus our one-time set-up and implementation fee of $2,000. There are additional upgrade services available including orientation content development, orientation portal development, and communication design.

Q: Do we have to commit to a long term contract?

A: No. We understand this may be a temporary need, and we don’t require a long term commitment for the Online Student Orientation Package. 

Q: What are the features and benefits included in the Online Student Orientation Package?


  • Get Inclusive offers an off-the-shelf learning platform that can be implemented in 2-3 weeks. 
  • Our platform includes the ability to upload your pre-recorded orientation content.
  • Our platform enables the assignment and tracking of multiple orientation modules.
  • Our platform enables a branded campus experience including your colors and logos. 
  • Our platform can be easily integrated into your existing technologies to support registration holds, SSO, and other features. 
  • Our platform enables 24/7 admin access and detailed, automated participation reports.
  • Orientation reminders are automated and can be configured with custom subject lines and email copy of your choice. 

Q: Can Get Inclusive support your online orientation needs? 


  • Do you intend to implement a virtual orientation program for some or all of your incoming students for Fall 2020?
  • Do you have (will have) one or more on-demand orientation presentations read for the fall?
  • Do you have online content in one-or-more of the following formats? 
    • Videos (mp4 format)
    • SCORM compliant content 
    • Powerpoint slides
  • Do you have Basic Platform access to Get Inclusive, OR a Student Site License?

If you answered yes to all of questions above, Get Inclusive could be a good fit for your online orientation needs. 

Click here to learn more about our discounted pricing for 2020 in response to COVID-19.

Q: Not a Get Inclusive partner? 

A: Through 2020, Get Inclusive will be offering a number of discounts and promotions to help ensure we’re helping as many campuses as possible navigate a more virtual student and employee experience. To read about our special pricing promotions, please click here or email us at hello@getinclusive.com.

Q: Are you already a Get Inclusive partner?

A: Good news! Our orientation package is included in your Student License License— we do require a one-time, low cost setup fee to cover implementation. Please email your account manager for information. 

Q: Can I see a live demo of the platform?

A: Of course. Email us to get a demo scheduled. We can also send you a recorded demo. Email us for both at hello@getinclusive.com

Questions? Email us now at hello@getinclusive.com.

About Get Inclusive

Get Inclusive was established in 2014 to help organizations deliver innovative and customizable prevention and compliance programs at scale. Today we serve over 150 organizations across the country. 

The Get Inclusive team is a rare blend of content creators and technologists. We have won industry awards for our work in prevention and compliance training, and have delivered the automation, integration and data visualization features that enable large campuses to effectively deploy and measure wide-scale training initiatives.

April 4, 2020

Title IX Training in a Remote Era – Video

As we all prepare to navigate a remote education and work experience, what are the best practices for administering online training at scale?

Get Inclusive powers online training programs for some of the largest colleges and universities in the country. Our technology and product leadership will share strategies and best practices for navigating online learning through the lens of Title IX compliance and prevention training programs.

Who is this webinar for?
Title IX Leadership
Training Admins
VPSAs and Deans
Internal IT Departments
Grad Students

March 5, 2020

Vendor Comparison: EVERFI, Get Inclusive and Vector Solutions

Vendor Comparison: EVERFI, Get Inclusive and Vector Solutions

Watch our latest webinar for vendor comparison.

February 16, 2020

Get Inclusive Announces Strategic Partnership with Skillsoft

Get Inclusive to add 200 employee compliance courses to Higher Ed training catalog. 

Get Inclusive, a leader in Title IX compliance and prevention training today announced a new strategic partnership with global employee training provider, Skillsoft. The partnership expands Get Inclusive’s employee course catalog to meet the needs of its Higher Ed partners on topics including workplace safety, ethics and data security. 

“Our commitment to our partners is to stay focused on the development of primary prevention and compliance programs,” said Jeremy Beckman, Head of Product for Get Inclusive. “But we also have a responsibility to address the adjacent training needs of our larger Higher Ed partners. This strategic partnership with Skillsoft is an ideal scenario. We get to continue expanding and upgrading our Title IX and prevention focused course modules, while simultaneously delivering an expansive employee compliance catalog through our friends at Skillsoft.”


Read our interview with Jeremy Beckman for all the details about the new partnership. 

Q: How many courses will be available?

A: Through our partnership with Skillsoft, over 200 employee compliance courses will be available to our Higher Ed partners and their employees starting April 1st, 2020.  

Q: Why did you select Skillsoft as your partner?

A: We vetted several compliance training vendors and found Skillsoft to be the best option in breadth of catalog, course quality and seamless integration capability. 

Q: Will there be an additional cost to access these courses?

A: We will be offering additional courses through our new Compliance Plus package which includes unlimited access for up to 20 employee courses (powered by Skillsoft). This will be offered as a bolt-on package to our Faculty/Staff Site License. Pricing for Compliance Plus is set at 20% above your Faculty/Staff Site License pricing. For a list of available courses or a pricing proposal for your institution, email us at hello@getinclusive.com.  

Q: Can a campus just purchase Compliance Plus?

A: Yes. Email us at hello@getinclusive.com and we’ll send you pricing. 

Q: Will existing Get Inclusive partners have access to Compliance Plus?

A: Yes, absolutely. Contact your account manager directly or email us at hello@getinclusive.com for pricing and setup information. 

Q: Why not develop these additional courses at Get Inclusive?

A: We’ve watched our competitors get distracted along this journey. We appreciate that there’s an almost unending appetite for online training . But no single vendor can be world-class at primary prevention-- and also 100 other topics. We’re staying in our lane on the prevention and compliance topics that are most critical to our Higher Ed partners. 

Q: Will you be adding other content partnerships in the future?

A: Our commitment is to stay focused on the continuous expansion and updating to our primary prevention training programs under Title IX and state mandated harassment prevention. As such, we will continue to explore strategic partnerships to ensure the adjacent training needs of our partners are met.  

Q: How will these additional courses be delivered?

A: Skillsoft courses will be integrated into our LMS platform for a seamless assignment and reporting experience for our partners. The courses may also be integrated directly (via SCORM) to other third party LMS. For technical specs on the integration options, email us at hello@getinclusive.com.  

Q: Which courses exactly will Get Inclusive power and which courses will be powered by Skillsoft?

A: The Get Inclusive powered courses can be found in our 2020 Course Catalog. All of these courses have been built in-house by the Get Inclusive team. We’ll be publishing the new Compliance Plus catalog (powered by Skillsoft) at the end of February. 

Q: What’s the fastest way to evaluate Get Inclusive courses, platform and pricing?

A: Just ask. We’ll send you course links, platform information and a pricing proposal. It’s that easy. Just email us at hello@getinclusive.com

For more information on Get Inclusive, see the resources below:

Questions? Email us now at hello@getinclusive.com.

About Get Inclusive

Get Inclusive was established in 2014 to help organizations deliver innovative and customizable prevention and compliance programs at scale. Today we serve over 150 organizations across the country. 

The Get Inclusive team is a rare blend of content creators and technologists. We have won industry awards for our work in prevention and compliance training, and have delivered the automation, integration and data visualization features that enable large campuses to effectively deploy and measure wide-scale training initiatives. 

February 14, 2020

10 Strategies to Increase Participation In Title IX Training – Video

10 Strategies to Increase Participation In Title IX Training

February 14, 2020

A New Approach to Title IX Compliance and Prevention Training from Get Inclusive

A New Approach to Title IX Compliance and Prevention Training from Get Inclusive

January 18, 2020

How Do You Pick the Right Title IX Compliance Training Vendor?

If your institution is evaluating new vendors this year, you're in good company.

We estimate that over 1,000 institutions will evaluate new prevention and compliance training vendors in 2020.

To help your institution navigate the evaluation process, here are three resources for your review:

Number 1: We designed the 2020 Title IX Compliance Training Vendor Guide as resource to help you and your institution streamline your evaluation process through a side-by-side vendor comparison of course content, platform functionality, pricing and reputation for some of the most popular training vendors. Download the Vendor Guide Here>>

Number 2: To help your institution navigate the decision to switch vendors, we’ve compiled a short list of 5 common reasons institutions make a switch, and 3 common reasons they stay. The following is based on our experience having helped over 1,000 campuses on-board and off-board from the leading compliance and prevention training vendors. Download Resource>>

Number 3: To support those institutions seeking a replacement to their current vendor, Get Inclusive is announcing a Buyout Program which waives our licensing fees through the end of your existing EVERFI and Vector contracts. Read More Here>>

Have questions about these resources or about Get Inclusive? Email us at hello@getinclusive.com.

November 4, 2019

Get Inclusive Launches EVERFI Buyout Program – Information

Hundreds of institutions will transition away from the award-winning Title IX compliance course, Think About It, during the 2019-20 academic year. After 6 years in circulation, campuses are being told that the course and its platform are being decommissioned and will no longer be available for students. 

The Get Inclusive product team, led by Jeremy Beckman, who developed Think About It, recently finished a 12-month Beta launch of Voices for Change-- a course designed to be a reimagining of Think About It which was originally developed in 2013. Over 100 campuses participated in the Beta of Voices for Change over the last 18-months, and Get Inclusive will be making the course available nationwide starting in January. 

EVERFI Buyout Program

To support those institutions seeking a replacement to Think About It in 2020, Get Inclusive is announcing a Buyout Program which waives our licensing fees through the end of your existing EVERFI contract.

Program Eligibility: 

  • Your campus is currently under contract with EVERFI or Vector Solutions (SafeColleges);
  • Your campus is seeking access to a comprehensive replacement starting in 2020; and
  • Your campus is able to sign into the Buyout Agreement prior to January 31st, 2020.

Buyout Program FAQ:

  • Question: How does the Buyout work?
  • Answer: Get Inclusive will provide you with unlimited access to our courses and platform immediately and through the duration of your existing EVERFI contract. You won't have to pay any licensing fees during that period. Thereafter, you will pay an annual licensing fee (2-year minimum contract is required).
  • Question: What's your pricing?
  • Answer: We offer flat-fee pricing for our Student and Faculty/Staff Catalogs. Our pricing is typically 20-30% below EVERFI. You can request a formal proposal by emailing hello@getinclusive.com.
  • Question: When is payment due?
  • Answer: With the Buyout Program, your first payment isn't due until the end of your contract with your existing vendor.
  • Question: How soon can we access Get Inclusive courses?
  • Answer: You will have full access immediately upon signing. Yes, you can deploy in time for Spring semester.
  • Question: How will Get Inclusive support us in switching platforms?
  • Answer: We are fully staffed to support you in a seamless transition to Get Inclusive. Whether it's integrations, data transfer, course configurations or something else, you will have a dedicated account manager supporting you every step of the way. See our recent article on switching vendors.
  • Question: Can we review the full catalog before we move forward?
  • Answer: Here is the 2020 Student and Faculty/Staff Course Catalog>>.
  • Question: How can we view all the courses?
  • Answer: Just email us and we'll send over unlocked course links. Or, for a quick preview of our courses, click here>>.
  • Question: Can we customize the courses?
  • Answer: Yes, our courses are designed for easy customizations-- including resources pages, welcome letters and videos, policy uploads, and more.

For more information on Get Inclusive and Voices for Change, see the resources below:

Questions? Email us now at hello@getinclusive.com.

September 30, 2019

Spotlight #002: An Interview with Michelle Disson

At a small, fresh institution like Florida Polytechnic University — which opened for instruction in 2014 and has fewer than 2,000 students, faculty and staff — establishing a campus culture that upholds Title IX protections, along with other equity missions, is crucial. Michelle Disson serves as Florida Polytechnic’s Title IX and ADA Coordinator. When it comes to Title IX, Disson said she is “a party of one.”

“I do everything from initial intake at this moment, I do investigations, I do the training,” Disson said, “and I oversee the programming as well.”

With ADA compliance, Disson oversees other campus offices the Office of Disability Services, facilities and human resources to ensure the appropriate policies and procedures are followed. The intersection of Title IX and ADA compliance is centered on giving students equitable experiences.

“We want to make sure that students can continue their educational journey and have options and resources,” Disson said. “With the ADA, you want to make sure that everyone’s treated fairly and has an equal opportunity to continue their education and experience programs and activities within the university.”

Those options and resources, Disson said, present themselves through various student-life-centric offices like Florida Polytechnic’s Academic Success Center, Counseling Services and CARE Services, which handles student health and wellness along with crisis and safety concerns.

Those campus resources are supplemented with online information about Title IX and a reporting tool available on Florida Polytechnic’s website.

Florida Polytechnic provides Title IX education and training, Disson said, for students, faculty and staff. Each year, Florida Polytechnic employees complete Title IX training through Get Inclusive. New employees also receive training in their new hire orientation as well.

“For students, we are involved in orientation,” she said. “All of the new students who attend orientation get the training … They are provided, from Get Inclusive, Voices for Change. So, all students have to complete Voices for Change before they’re allowed to register for the following semester.”

In addition to the student body’s education through Voices for Change, Disson provides open sessions for faculty to learn more about Title IX obligations and programming for students on topics like healthy relationships, sex education, sexual violence prevention and intimate partner violence prevention.

With Get Inclusive, Disson said they are the only system she has implemented that receives positive feedback.

“Most people understand that, yeah, I have to do this every year, especially the employees,” Disson said. “But I typically hear, ‘This was horrible, this takes so much time, I didn’t really get anything out of it.’ With Get Inclusive, I have found more people recognizing … it got the point across, and ‘Hey, I’m remembering now I need to do this. I have this exact scenario.’”

Disson added that she appreciates the types of questions that are asked in the training modules. Evaluating answers to open-ended prompts allows her to identify what is important to students and learn more about them.

“I was very hesitant in the beginning of my time with Get Inclusive of the many open-ended questions,” she said. “I have found that has been almost invaluable when I go through them, just even [to] get a sense of what is the tone … that has been very helpful with students. I learned so much about our student population that you wouldn’t typically get from a first-year experience survey.”

Moving forward, Disson said Florida Polytechnic hits a lot of aspects in regard to Title IX compliance and education, with Get Inclusive in that mixture of resources. A goal she identified: continuing to get information out to students and remind faculty about reporting options. Progressing this outreach harkens back to the inherent values of Title IX and ADA.

“It is important to provide an equitable experience for students,” Disson said.

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