September 15, 2021

A New Approach to DE&I Training in Higher Ed (Webinar Recording)

Over 130 institutions joined our live Webinar Roundtable event on September 14th, 2021. During the webinar, we heard from our course creators, Dr. Carmen Poole and Jeremy Beckman. We learned about their backgrounds, and their approach to building these new courses. We also addressed a few questions from the audience relating to the development of these courses, and how they can be configured to meet the unique needs of different campus communities.


For those interested in additional resources, please click on the links below: 

Webinar Presentation Slides

DE&I Training Brochure

DE&I Course Demo Access: 

  1. Click here to review DE&I Foundations

  2. Click here to review Microaggressions in the Workplace

  3. Click here to review Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

August 20, 2021

Vector Solutions v. Get Inclusive: Answering Your Questions

On August 19th, Get Inclusive held a live webinar to introduce the EVERFI/Vector Solutions Buyout program. Over 50 institutions joined the webinar, and we received a handful of great questions relating to how Get Inclusive compares to both Vector and EVERFI.

If you missed the webinar, you can find the recording and webinar slides here.

The following is a written summary of our answers to the questions asked during the webinar.

Does the Foundry LMS platform utilize SAML or LDAP or CAS?

It is our understanding that the Foundry LMS only supports SAML SSO. We encourage you to contact Vector to confirm.

Does Get Inclusive’s LMS support SAML, LDAP and CAS?

Yes, we support all three.

Is the Buyout available to existing Vector customers (not just EVERFI customers)?

We are extending the Buyout Program to all EVERFI or Vector Solutions customers.

Are any HBCUs using your programs?

We have a number of Historically Black College and University (HBCU) customers including Lincoln University of Missouri, Coppin State University, Stillman, and Shaw University.

What would you say would be the biggest difference between EVERFI and Get Inclusive?

Our focus! Get Inclusive is 100% focused on prevention and compliance training in Higher Ed.

Today we support over 250 colleges and universities, including many of the largest systems and public institutions in the country.

We win head to head against both Vector and EVERFI because of our focus on delivering content and platform features specifically for the Higher Ed community.

Aside from the buyout program how does pricing compare to EVERFI after that?

Get Inclusive pricing is generally 20%-30% lower than EVERFI. We also offer a flat-fee site license model, and don’t charge any fees for our new courses like DE&I and Mental Health.

If we come in under the buyout program, what's the length of the contract we will be executing with Get Inclusive?

The Buyout Program requires institutions to commit to a contract that is 2 or more years beyond the free overlap period with your existing EVERFI/Vector contract. For specific pricing and term information, email

What are the lengths of contracts generally with Get Inclusive?

Get Inclusive offers 1-5 year contract terms with additional discounts for multi-year agreements. Our standard agreement is 3 years.

How accessible are the courses in Get Inclusive?

Get Inclusive courses meet WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards. We’ve passed accessibility audits at some of the most well known campuses and systems including Stanford University.

I like the low ticket volume! Since you don’t have many customers now, how are you scaled to support more customers?

We’re bigger than you might think! Get Inclusive supports over 250 institutions, and many of those are large systems and state institutions. Over 1,000,000 learners will complete a training course with Get Inclusive in 2021.

For consent and sexual respect topics, do you have seperate programs targeting undergrad and grad/professional students?

Yes. Get Inclusive provides sexual assault prevention courses that are versioned for undergraduate, graduate, and adult learner students.

Do you work with a third party accessibility firm?

Get Inclusive recently engaged Perkins to ensure we’re meeting and exceeding accessibility standards in all of our courses, website and beyond.

Do you have content geared towards faith-based institutions?

Get Inclusive supports many faith-based campuses with our traditional values courses.

Are there any efficacy studies on content? or benchmarking data?

Yes. Get Inclusive offers pre and post-survey benchmarking for all of our primary prevention training courses through our annual Impact Reports. We are currently conducting an efficacy study that will be available in early 2022. 

I love everything I’m hearing, but every company is unique and has their own strengths and growth areas. What would current or former customers say would be any challenges of working with Get Inclusive?

Our customers have requested we expand our course library to include DE&I courses and a more robust AOD course.

We’re launching DE&I in August, 2021 and we’ll be launching a new expanded AOD course with benchmarking in January, 2022.

Do you have a sexual misconduct for faculty/staff program as well?

Yes. Get Inclusive has a faculty and staff sexual misconduct course that exceeds Title IX requirements.

If you'd like to test drive a Get Inclusive course or if you'd like to schedule a call to learn more, please follow this link:

August 12, 2021

8 Questions to Ask Vector Solutions About the EVERFI Acquisition

Last month we published our take on the EVERFI Sell-Off of its Higher Ed division to Vector Solutions. 

As a follow up to that article, and in response to more than a dozen emails asking for guidance on how to frame the potential downsides (and upsides) to this huge vendor consolidation, we’re sharing our list of 8 Questions to Ask Vector Solutions. 

Whether the Vector/EVERFI consolidation will benefit the 1,000 institutions affected by the acquisition or not will take months to determine.

To help anticipate that future impact, we recommend asking Vector Solutions the following questions. 

Considering switching away from Vector/EVERFI? Join our EVERFI Buyout Webinar to learn more about how (and why) to switch.

8 Questions to Ask Vector Solutions About the EVERFI Acquisition

  1. Will Vector Solution raise prices at renewal for EVERFI customers?
  2. Will Vector Solutions move EVERFI customers away from the Site License pricing model?
  3. Did Vector Solutions acquire EVERFI’s LMS or just course content?
  4. Will Vector Solutions force EVERFI customers to switch to a different LMS?
  5. Will Vector Solutions replace EVERFI’s employee courses with its own employee catalog?
  6. Which EVERFI courses will Vector Solutions sunset and when?
  7. Will Vector Solutions invest in the development of new student courses?
  8. Will Vector Solutions offer customizations for its student and employee courses?

Will Vector Solution raise prices at renewal for EVERFI customers?

A common private equity strategy when consolidating competitors is to raise prices. Vector Solutions paid $100M for EVERFI’s 1,000 Higher Ed customers. That’s $100,000 per customer. Most compliance training contracts in Higher Ed represent only a fraction of that dollar value. It’s not unreasonable to conclude that raising prices will be part of the strategy going forward. 

Will Vector Solutions move EVERFI customers away from the Site License pricing model?

Most Higher Ed institutions today purchase online training through Site License packages that give customers unlimited access to training courses. This is generally viewed as a more affordable and predictable pricing structure. It’s worth asking whether or not this model will continue under Vector Solutions’ management. 

See 2021 Higher Ed Vendor Guide published via Inside Higher Ed for more information. 

Did Vector Solutions acquire EVERFI’s LMS or just course content?

EVERFI recently completed a wide-scale migration to its Foundry LMS platform. This LMS is used by EVERFI’s K-12 and Corporate customers that were notably not sold to Vector Solutions. It’s possible EVERFI granted a perpetual license for the use of its LMS by Vector Solutions, but if they did not, this would mean that all 1,000 campuses will be required to move off of Foundry (or any other EVERFI owned LMS) in the near future. 

Will Vector Solutions force EVERFI customers to switch to a different LMS?

See answer above. If EVERFI didn’t sell its LMS to Vector Solutions, it will be important to understand the timeline within which customers will be required to switch. 

Will Vector Solutions replace EVERFI’s employee courses with its own employee catalog?

Vector Solutions has acquired a large library of corporate training courses (a possible upside for Higher Ed customers) over the years. This will represent some overlap with EVERFI’s employee facing training courses. It’s worth asking whether these EVERFI courses will be replaced and when. 

Will Vector Solutions invest in the development of new student courses?

Vector Solutions has completed 13 acquisitions in the last 4 years, many of those training vendors. This represents a massive capital allocation towards acquisitions. Whether or not Vector Solutions will internally invest in new course content is unknown, but given the investment in acquiring third party content, there’s some signal that they innovate primarily through acquisition not internal development. Why this is relevant for student training content specifically is that as a result of wide-scale consolidation over the last several years, there are very few training vendors left standing who develop student training courses.  

Which EVERFI courses will Vector Solutions sunset and when?

Assuming Vector Solutions does decide to sunset some of EVERFI’s content, it’s worth asking when that will be and how it will be managed to ensure compliance. 

Will Vector Solutions offer customizations for its student and employee courses?

One complexity with building a course content library through acquisitions is that it’s more difficult to manage customizations. This is because each vendor develops its own system and uses its own tools to build and customize original content. It’s worth asking whether Vector Solutions will continue to support the ongoing customization needs of EVERFI course content. 

Considering switching away from Vector/EVERFI? Join our EVERFI Buyout Webinar to learn more about how (and why) to switch.


July 28, 2021

What’s New from Get Inclusive

Thanks to recommendations from our great college and university partners, Get Inclusive has added several important platform and content improvements to meet your needs in 2021. 

For more information on how to take advantage of these new features, please send an email to or request a demo (

Course Deliverability

One of the most important elements of an effective prevention and compliance training program is deliverability. How effectively courses reach learners can dramatically impact time to completion and overall completion rates. The following new improvements were designed to improve course deliverability for your students and employees. 

SMS Engage: We now offer text-based course assignments and reminders— all configurable from within the Get Inclusive LMS. For pricing and demo, click here.

Supervisor Escalation Emails: For employee course assignments, we now offer Supervisor Escalation Emails from within the Get Inclusive LMS. Supervisors can quickly identify and remind employees who are behind on compliance training requirements including a "supervisor digest" report to be sent to the identified managers.

Enhanced Email: You can now send course assignments directly from your .edu domain through the Get Inclusive LMS. Customers upgrading to this new feature have seen a 2x improvement in time to completion. 

Rolling Due Date Notifications: Create rolling deadlines for new employees and students. The due date is automatically applied based on the initial assignment date. This feature is designed for transfer students that are off-cycle on Title IX training or new employees who need to be placed on an annual training cycle. 

Realtime Holds Removal via Webhooks: For institutions leveraging “Registration Holds” to drive course participation, Real Time Holds Removal ensures that holds are removed the moment required courses are completed. For pricing and demo, click here. 

Bundled Course Assignments: For institutions assigning multiple courses to students or employees, Bundled Course Assignments and Reminders streamlines the course assignment process and reduces to one total email sent. 

Admin Portal

Cohort Level Reporting:: This new advanced reporting feature allows your admins to design and schedule reports based on multiple student and employee cohorts. For pricing and demo, click here.

Customer Support and Product Teams

The Get Inclusive team is growing quickly to meet the demand for our products. Here are a few of the newest team members dedicated to serving our college and university partners: 

Serena Tang, Art Director: world-class learning experience for students and employees across hundreds of colleges and universities is no small task. Serena supports our product team in creating innovative and configurable learning experiences for our expanding library of courses.

Danika Collins, Implementations Manager:After several years with LawRoom and EVERFI, Danika brings a unique expertise to onboarding large and complex institutions. Danika also oversees EVERFI/Vector Migration Mapping.

Sandra Bledsoe, Marketing Operations Manager: Sandra oversees customer communications and ensures the latest updates and announcements reach your inbox.

Dr. Kate Chisholm, Director of Research and Impact: Get Inclusive has delivered training to over 1M learners. Dr. Chisholm is designing the Impact Stories to give our college and university partners visibility into how prevention and compliance programs are affecting your students and employees.

EVERFI + Vector Migration Mapping

Now more than ever, Get Inclusive is helping EVERFI and Vector customers switch over to Get Inclusive. The most common question we’re asked prior to switching is how Get Inclusive can ensure data continuity and compliance. EVERFI Migration Mapping is a step-by-step workflow designed to ensure all existing data is successfully migrated. To learn more about Migration Mapping, request a demo here (

Branding and Customizations

Private Label: Get Inclusive has always offered a number of standard customizations within our training courses to both ensure compliance and personalize the learning experience. We’re taking this to another level with Private Label which gives colleges and universities the ability to implement deep color palette branding across select courses. For pricing and demo, click here. 

SCORM Hosting: The Get Inclusive LMS now enables institutions to upload and assign their own SCORM developed courses. For pricing and demo, click here. 

Coming Soon! 

  • Employee DE&I 4 Course Training Package (August, 2021)
  • Shareable/Public Title IX Training Course Access/DOE Compliant (September, 2021)
  • AOD Expanded Student Course and Assessments (December, 2021)
  • Annual Impact Reporting Executive Dashboard (October, 2021)
  • Policy Tracker (January, 2022)
  • Integrated Anonymous Reporting (March, 2022)

To learn more or to join the Beta for these new products and features, send an email to


July 22, 2021

EVERFI Sells-Off Higher Education Business; Loses 40% of Customers in 4 Years

On Tuesday, July 20, 2021, EVERFI announced the sale of its Higher Education training division, including its 1,000 customers, to private equity-owned Vector Solutions, completing the largest consolidation of online compliance and prevention training to date.

This announcement comes almost five years to the day since EVERFI announced its acquisition of LawRoom/CampusClarity, and 4 years since it acquired Workplace Answers/Campus Answers. EVERFI’s own efforts to consolidate the Higher Ed market were largely unsuccessful-- as it lost 40% of its customers over the last 4 years. 

In total, Vector Solutions will now serve over 2,200 Higher Ed institutions.  

What does this mean for EVERFI customers?  

The full impact is not yet known. EVERFI did recently complete a migration of its Higher Ed customers to its Foundry LMS platform. What’s not clear from the press release is whether Foundry was included in the acquisition. If it was not included, it is likely that the 1,000 customers that recently completed a migration will be forced to switch to a Vector Solutions owned LMS.

Will this acquisition be a net positive or net negative for the online training industry?

The Higher Ed community will make that determination in the months to come. What we do know is this: EVERFI’s attempt to consolidate did not result in an improved product or customer experience, as evidenced in its dramatic loss of customers. Whether Vector Solutions, which has completed 13 acquisitions in the last 4 years, takes a different approach to consolidation will remain to be seen. 

What does this mean for Get Inclusive?

For current Get Inclusive customers, we hope this comes as some additional validation that you selected the right vendor. And we will continue to invest heavily in new content, platform features and customer service. (If you have questions, email us:

Get Inclusive is now the second largest provider of online compliance and prevention training in Higher Ed, serving over 250 colleges and universities. 

We do expect this latest consolidation to have a dramatic impact on our business.

We’re setting the goal to migrate 250 current EVERFI customers over to Get Inclusive in the next 12-months (or 25% of the 1,000 impacted by the acquisition). 

Why are we so confident in this result?

Both Vector Solutions and EVERFI continue to lose to Get Inclusive in both major RFPs and independent evaluations. This has occurred despite the dramatic disparity in resources between these two private equity owned giants and employee owned Get Inclusive. 

Over the last 12-months, over 100 colleges and universities have switched to Get Inclusive including:

  • Stanford University
  • University of Florida
  • Oregon State University
  • Nova Southeastern
  • University of Idaho
  • University of Arkansas
  • Lehigh University
  • Loyola Marymount University
  • Loyola University of Chicago
  • Seattle University
  • National University System
  • University of Maine System
  • Technical College System of Georgia
  • University System of Utah
  • Austin Community College System

How is Get Inclusive able to compete and win against these larger vendors?

In short, focus and commitment. We build training content and LMS features exclusively for the Higher Ed community. Our customers will be the first to tell you that this is the difference with Get Inclusive. (Check out supporting Case Studies here and here). 

Conversely, the Higher Ed business for both EVERFI and Vector Solutions has represented a small fraction of their overall revenue— and an even smaller fraction of its potential revenue. Higher Ed compliance and prevention training is a small market and the average contract size is relatively small compared to the six and seven figure contracts that can be found serving the very large corporate market. 

How will Get Inclusive support EVERFI customers?

Get Inclusive is extending our EVERFI Buyout Program through March 2022, and offering additional incentives for any institutions that switch to Get Inclusive before October, 2021. For questions, email us at

To read more about the EVERFI Buyout Program, follow this link

To request a demo or pricing information, follow this link:


About Get Inclusive

Get Inclusive was established in 2014 to help organizations deliver innovative and customizable prevention and compliance programs at scale. Today we serve over 250 colleges and universities across the country. 

The Get Inclusive team is a rare blend of content creators and technologists. We have won industry awards for our work in prevention and compliance training, and have delivered the automation, integration and data visualization features that enable large campuses to effectively deploy and measure wide-scale training programs.

June 16, 2021

Webinar Recording: Delivering Title IX Compliance and Prevention Training at Scale

Webinar Presentation Slides

If you would like assistance in gaining access to any products listed within this webinar, please send us an email to

For large Higher Ed systems and institutions, there are considerable complexities in delivering annual student and employee compliance training programs.

On this webinar, Implementation Specialist, Danika Collins explored implementation and automation strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of large scale online compliance training programs.

Danika has led over 1,000 implementations on behalf of training vendors including Get Inclusive, LawRoom and EVERFI, and brings a wealth of experience from both successful and unsuccessful launches. Danika shared pros and cons of different approaches to integrations and walked through some of the most advanced and automated integrations at institutions like Stanford, WVU and Texas Tech.

During the webinar, we addressed:
-Advanced and automated technology integrations through Single Sign-On (SSO), API, and SFTP.
-Administrative admin hierarchies based on departments or campus locations.
-Pre-scheduled, role based course assignments.
-Email deliverability strategies.
-Automated approaches for registration/hold removals.
-WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility best practices.

During the webinar, we also heard from Ali Waqar, founder and CTO at Get Inclusive on how he engineered an LMS to serve the complex needs of large Higher Ed institutions and systems.

Have questions? Contact us here or email us at

June 9, 2021

Get Inclusive Launches SMS Engage; Enables Text Based Online Course Assignments

Today Get Inclusive announced SMS Engage, our latest platform upgrade, that enables our customers to schedule and deliver course assignments via text message. 

“There were two huge drivers behind this new platform feature. First, over 60% of Get Inclusive learners complete our training through a mobile device. We know students and employees are engaging on mobile, so text-based course assignments made sense,” said Danika Collins, Director of Implementations at Get Inclusive. 

“The second driver is participation. It’s harder than ever to get the attention of learners and email notifications are increasingly inefficient. SMS Engage increases participation by delivering click-to-start course assignments right to your phone via text.”

How It Works

Get Inclusive customers will have two upgrade options to leverage this new SMS functionality.

  1. SMS Engage: Our fully automated text solution allows your system administrators to schedule and send course assignments through the Get Inclusive LMS. These communications are fully customizable. For existing Site License Customers, this functionality comes included in your package. Your only cost is bulk pricing for text sends based on anticipated annual usage volume. For a demo and pricing, click here
  2. SMS Link: For Get Inclusive Site License Customers who already have in-house SMS capabilities, we will provide you with SMS-ready short-links that can be sent to learners using your existing SMS service provider. There is a one-time $500 set-up cost for this upgrade. Contact your account manager or click here to schedule a call to activate SMS Link. 

Want to learn more about SMS Engage? Request a demo here or email us at

May 2, 2021

Get Inclusive Expands EVERFI Buyout for 2021; Adds Additional Promotions

For the second year in a row, Get Inclusive is offering an EVERFI Buyout Program. This special promotion designed for institutions locked into multi-year commitments with EVERFI, allows institutions to immediately access Get Inclusive’s full student and employee training catalog without any financial obligations through the end of the EVERFI contract. 

Courses included are Mental Well-being, Title IX (students and employees), DE&I (employees), and State Compliant Anti-harassment (employees). The full 2021 catalog is here

In 2021, over 50 colleges and universities have migrated from EVERFI to Get Inclusive. Those schools include Stanford University, University of Florida, University of Idaho, Lehigh, the University of Arkansas System and the Technical College System of Georgia among many others. 

In response to the challenges facing Higher Ed institutions, including revised 2021 budgets, Get Inclusive is announcing today an updated EVERFI Buyout Program that will offer two significant considerations: 

  1. A 20% price reduction guarantee on your current EVERFI contract; and
  2. No payments due until the end of your current EVERFI contract. 

Have questions? Email or request a demo here (

Additional Information About the EVERFI Buyout

The following is a detailed FAQ intended to answer common questions about our new EVERFI Buyout Program. 

Q: How do we qualify for the EVERFI Buyout Program for 2021?

A: Simple. You have to be an existing EVERFI customer, and enter into an agreement with Get Inclusive by December 31, 2021. 

Q: How soon can we start the implementation process?

A: As soon as you sign, you’ll have full access to our courses and platform. Implementation typically takes 4 weeks.  Get Inclusive is very experienced in migrating institutions from EVERFI to Get Inclusive. 

Q: What are the payment terms?

A: As long as you sign by December 31, 2021, there are no fees due until your contract end date with EVERFI. In the meantime, you’ll have immediate access to our services upon signature. A one time set-up and implementation fee may apply depending on complexity of implementation and any non-standard customizations. 

Q: Can we see a demo of your courses and platform?

A: Yes. You can request a formal demo with our sales team through this link:

Q: How does Get Inclusive compare to EVERFI?

A: Download this comparison guide for an apples-to-apples comparison. Click here

More questions? Email us now at


About Get Inclusive

Get Inclusive was established in 2014 to help organizations deliver innovative and customizable prevention and compliance programs at scale. Today we serve over 250 colleges and universities across the country. 

The Get Inclusive team is a rare blend of content creators and technologists. We have won industry awards for our work in prevention and compliance training, and have delivered the automation, integration and data visualization features that enable large campuses to effectively deploy and measure wide-scale training initiatives.

April 12, 2021

Get Inclusive Closes Record Quarter; Adds Key Hires in Sales, Marketing and Product

Get Inclusive announces today that it signed 11 new colleges and universities, a record Q1 for the fast-growing compliance and prevention training startup. Its new customers include Stanford University, University of Florida, University of Arkansas and Lehigh University. 

To support its recent growth, Get Inclusive is also announcing today three new strategic hires across sales, marketing and product. 

George Homer will join as Vice President of Compliance and Prevention, and will help lead the sales team through its next chapter of growth. George previously held senior sales and leadership roles at EVERFI, LawRoom, Traliant and Impact Compliance. 

Serena Tang joins the product team as Art Director where she’ll help Get Inclusive accelerate new course development. Serena was previously Senior Art Director for full-service agency MERGE Boston where she led the creative strategy and integrated brand campaigns for high-visibility healthcare clients. 

Finally, Sandra Bledsoe joins the marketing team as Marketing Operations Manager where she’ll oversee all customer and prospect facing communications, including website, social media, content marketing, product launches, newsletters and various paid marketing initiatives. 

“Our deep focus and commitment to serving the Higher Ed community is proving to be an incredible differentiator in the compliance and prevention training market,” says Jeremy Beckman, Head of Product at Get Inclusive. “With these new additions to our growth and product teams, we’re well positioned for our next chapter of growth.”

Get Inclusive is now on pace to reach over 500 colleges and universities by the end of 2022. 

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